Daily Archives: November 22, 2006

The difference between TechCrunch and Valleywag

Dave Winer defends Nick Denton and Valleywag today.

Me? I see it a bit differently. I don’t see that Valleywag has noticeably changed its stripes. Yeah, so far they haven’t followed anyone into a bathroom and that is an improvement over the old Valleywag — if it holds.

But, Dave also notes that Valleywag wants to be TechCrunch. I say it can’t do that. Why? Cause TechCrunch is all about building companies and people up while Valleywag is all about tearing companies and people down.

Both functions are needed. If you have hype without anti-hype, no one will believe the stuff that really should be listened to.

It comes from nature. Look at El Capitan in Yosemite. The forces that put El Capitan there are like TechCrunch. The forces (it was a glacier) that dug the valley out and exposed El Capitan for the largest chunk of granite around are like Valleywag.

Why will TechCrunch get the best breaking news (Nick Denton said he was jealous of Mike for getting the YouTube/Google story first)? Cause people like builders more than destructors and will reward that behavior with information sharing more. But, Denton might have the last laugh anyway. Destructors are a lot more entertaining, so I bet that Valleywag will have a bigger audience.