UK Press Complaints Commissioner: “no means of redress”

Ahh, the BBC reports a UK Press Complaints Commissioner told a conference this week that there should be a voluntary code of practice for blogs. Hmm, nice thought, but never will happen. Why? Cause a large percentage of bloggers don’t type their goods in the UK. So, who is going to regulate us? And, heck, we can’t agree on anything, including the definition of the word “blog” so you think you’re going to get us all to agree to a code of practice? Yeah, right.

But, then he gets started “on the internet ‘there are no professional standards, there is no means of redress.'”

Oh, that’s poppycock. If someone throws you under the bus on the Internet YOU CAN RESPOND ON YOUR OWN BLOG! And then the readers can decide the truth for themselves.  That’s what I just did.

Libel and slander laws still apply here, if you want to go that route. But I’ll take this world over the “professional only” world anyday of the week.

Me thinks this guy senses the end of his job and is grasping at ropes trying to keep it.