Google employee imagines iPod that can hold all videos

A Google employee can see the day (about 12 years from now) when an iPod or cell phone will come along that will hold all the world’s videos. Yes, even those big ones I’ve been putting on the ScobleShow.

The thing he doesn’t see (or isn’t including in his calculations) is that the world’s video available is growing exponentially every few months. Why? Cost of production. Today with a $4,000 camera I can create better video than even a $50,000 camera could back in the 1980s and using a cell phone camera I could create video that would have been impossible to create just a few years ago.

But, either way, my sponsor, Seagate, is positioned well in this trend.

I see a day when every home will have 10 or more hard drives. Heck, in mine I’m already up to 10. Two in my MacPro. Three external. One in my PVR that’s coming on December 12th (yes, we’re finally hooking the HDTV up to a satellite dish). One in my Voodoo machine. One in my Sony Vaio. One in my Xbox. One in my Thinkpad.

I’m going to get a RAID drive set for archiving my videos, too. That’ll mean at least two more hard drives.

How many hard drives do you have?

Camera phones vs. cops

Alan Reiter, who has been covering camera phones longer than anyone else I can remember, links to Guardian and other articles in a post about how camera phones are changing the way people find out about police actions. Last week the video of a student getting stunned by campus cops was passed near and far. 20 years ago you probably wouldn’t have heard about such a thing, and if you had, it would only have made it to your local newspaper and probably to page 30.

It’s snow day for Cuban to pick on BusinessWeek

Ahh, Microsofties won’t get to work today. Snow days, like what Seattle is seeing today (thanks Jeff Sandquist for the pictures), is something that never happens in Silicon Valley. I remember the last time it snowed in Silicon Valley. March 16, 1976. Total on ground? Maybe 1/8th of an inch. But it was a big enough deal that I remember it. I was in sixth grade.

Anyone catch Mark Cuban’s expose of BusinessWeek’s “journalism?” That’s blogging at its best and why anyone quoted in the press should have a blog.

Anyway, enjoy your snow day Microsofties! Maryam and I are off to London. More when we arrive. I’ll be off email and out of contact until tomorrow, probably. We don’t have our cell phones on while here in Europe, sorry. Email is it.