The “pissed as newts” tour

Meet at the Eros statue in London at 1 p.m. on Friday to go on the “pissed as newts” tour. I love how they use language over here, by the way. While walking around Cardiff yesterday I realized where a lot of those weird Web 2.0 names must have come from: Wales. The Welch language seems to be missing a few vowels. I should take a picture of a sign to show you what I mean.

Anyway, we won’t just visit pubs. Hopefully the locals will show us around some other fun things in London too, so if you’re not into getting “pissed like newts” please come along too. I promise not to get too out of control. After all, Maryam’s coming along and will slap me upside the head if I drink too much.

On other news, we’re off to London today. I just read all my feeds and put up a few dozen new items on my link blog. There’s lots of good blogging going on lately.