CNET family disappears…

Engadget’s Ryan Block (his girlfriend works at CNET) reports that James Kim, the senior editor of digital audio at CNET, and his entire family, have gone missing on a drive to Seattle from San Francisco. Engadget is asking for your help.

Ryan, do you know what kind of car they were driving? License plate number?

I sure hope they are found. Last time blogs were used in a search for someone missing it didn’t end so well. (A friend of a friend died after he fell down a mountain, but was missing for several days and blogs were used in the search). My thoughts are with the family and friends of James Kim and family. I can’t even imagine not knowing what happened to a family member of mine.

I love reading feeds

How many feeds are you subscribed to? I’m increasing my feed load rapidly again. Why? Reading feeds is a joy again, thanks to Google Reader. I’m not alone, either. Two people came up to me after our talk today and said “thank you for talking about Google Reader.”

“U, J, J, J, J, J, K, J, Shift-S, J, J.”

If you don’t get that, then you haven’t used Google Reader yet and you haven’t started a link blog of your own.

Three questions:

1) Am I putting too many items on my link blog? Often I’ll throw more than 50 a day up there.
2) How are you reading my link blog? Did you subscribe to it?
3) Have you started a link blog of your own? What’s your URL if you have?

Seagate’s CEO: I help people “watch porn”

I like Bill Watkins, CEO of Seagate. Not just cause he sponsored my show for the first three months. But because he says outrageous things. To Fortune magazine.

Heheh, that brings to mind this video: The Internet is for porn. It’s actually not porn at all. And it’s on Google video.

You can watch an interview I did with Bill too a few weeks back. Yes, he is an interesting interviewee.

Oh, and I hear that if you’re a blogger, you’ll get to meet Bill at CES in our BlogHaus, which is sponsored by Seagate, Microsoft, and AMD. More on that soon.

Koral would make Vista cool

Koral has a knowledge management system that is the coolest thing I saw at the SAP show recently and I have a demo and an interview on ScobleShow today.

Look at how it keeps Excel spreadsheets and other files in sync.

Demo (9:20). Interview (22:39).

Oh, there’s lots of stuff on Vista around today. I put the best on my link blog. Including this list of ways Microsoft could make Vista better by Jeremy Toeman. Heheh, John Dvorak is tired of baiting Mac users, so now he’s going to bait Windows users to be equal opportunity. Got it John! Damn, I fell for it again! 😉