The geek wedding of the decade

We’re traveling today to Seattle to attend what could be the geek wedding of the decade: Chris and Ponzi’s wedding.

Forget the wedding registry. I want to know what the tag is gonna be!

How about: pirillowedding? The good thing about that tag is there’s nothing on Google yet about it.

For the next few days I’ll keep up my link blog if I can, but won’t be doing much blogging.

Over on ScobleShow we’ll post something new everyday. Today is a three-minute demo of Pando Networks, which has a cool way to send huge files to other people. Hey, who said I couldn’t do short videos?

Just a reminder: no one pays to get on ScobleShow except for my main sponsor, Seagate. So, thanks to Seagate I get to bring all these cool technology companies to you to show off their wares.