Yeah, I’m “out there”

Heheh, I’m not sure what to think when Jason Calacanis says that I’m “out there.”

I guess it’s better than having the local neighborhood committee knock on your door and ask when you are gonna put up Christmas lights (true story, happened while we were in Europe according to Chris Coulter who was staying at our house while we were gone).

Personally I think I haven’t been “out there” enough. I haven’t shared enough about what’s going on at PodTech, for instance. Most of that is just sheer being overwhelmed with email and stuff to do. We just moved into our new offices and I’m feeling out of sorts. More on that later, gotta run to an interview.

Kris Krug shoots my hottie!

Thanks Kris Krug for the great photo of Maryam. More from the Pirillo wedding on his Flickr page.

Speaking of photos, Kris and I talked about Northern Voice. Turns out that’s going to be a BIG photo meetup next year. February 23-24 in Vancouver. If you’re into photography, or you are getting a new digital SLR for Christmas, you will want to be there.

If you can’t make that, come to our Photowalking tour of Sacramento’s Train Museum — December 27th at 1 p.m. Turns out JPG magazine should be there and I have a handful of 8GB flash cards donated by Seagate to hand out as prizes.

The new definitive Web 2007 blog

I’ve been looking over what I’ve been putting on my link blog trying to see trends that are happening. One thing I realize? No one has a lock anymore on being “the source” for Web 2.0 information. If you want a complete picture you need to subscribe to more than one feed. Yeah, reading TechCrunch will get you about 65% of the way there, but look at the numbers of interesting news, new products and services, opinions coming from other places.

I don’t know how we can keep up anymore. Just this weekend there were several new services added. I put dozens of new items on my link blog. It’s amazing the quality of blogging that’s being done in the tech industry — and there’s no way any one person (or company) could do it all.

While I was talking with Sanaz Ahari of, she was bragging that there’s hundreds of new gadgets available. 471, in fact. That’s just crazy and I haven’t even listed the ones available from Microsoft’s competitors like Goowy, Google, Netvibes, and others.

How will we keep up? How will any new company get adoption?

Either way, I’m sure enjoying reading feeds again. So you don’t have to. 🙂

The “must own” book of 2007: LifeHacker

Today Maryam, Patrick, and I went to see Sanaz’s new office at Microsoft. She is lead program manager on’s home page. Not a small job. Anyway, during the interview we were talking about what makes us say someone “gets it.” We bandied about a whole bunch of things. She told us a few questions she asks in interviews about Flickr and to see if people going for jobs on have kept their skills and interests both up to date and aligned with those who “get it.”

I remember other places where we’d use similar terminology.

“Are you on the Cluetrain?”

Anyway, I just got a pre-release version of Gina Trapani’s LifeHacker book (my publisher, Wiley, sent me one). This is the owners manual for the always on, always connected person. Official title? Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day.

What does it have? 88 tips for being more productive, living life better, and using your computer and online systems to their fullest extent. This is the most useful book I’ve seen in years.

From now on I’ll be able to tell if you care about being productive by asking whether you’ve read this book. If you don’t care about getting things done you won’t get it.