Daily Archives: December 11, 2006

Yeah, I’m “out there”

Heheh, I’m not sure what to think when Jason Calacanis says that I’m “out there.”

I guess it’s better than having the local neighborhood committee knock on your door and ask when you are gonna put up Christmas lights (true story, happened while we were in Europe according to Chris Coulter who was staying at our house while we were gone).

Personally I think I haven’t been “out there” enough. I haven’t shared enough about what’s going on at PodTech, for instance. Most of that is just sheer being overwhelmed with email and stuff to do. We just moved into our new offices and I’m feeling out of sorts. More on that later, gotta run to an interview.

Kris Krug shoots my hottie!

Thanks Kris Krug for the great photo of Maryam. More from the Pirillo wedding on his Flickr page.

Speaking of photos, Kris and I talked about Northern Voice. Turns out that’s going to be a BIG photo meetup next year. February 23-24 in Vancouver. If you’re into photography, or you are getting a new digital SLR for Christmas, you will want to be there.

If you can’t make that, come to our Photowalking tour of Sacramento’s Train Museum — December 27th at 1 p.m. Turns out JPG magazine should be there and I have a handful of 8GB flash cards donated by Seagate to hand out as prizes.