Google, the world’s largest startup?

One thing that’s real interesting on my Google interviews is to listen to Mark Lucovsky talk about getting a customer Web developer’s request about Google’s new videobar, coding it during the evening, and having the change up on the guy’s site the next morning.

That brings me back to earlier this week when I complained about a splogger that was in Google and Technorati’s search engine. Both of those removed that guy within a few hours.

I’m hearing more and more about Google reacting quickly to feature requests on blogs like this.

That’s something I want to encourage more of. Can Microsoft keep up with this speed?

Why isn’t Ray Ozzie out in front of bloggers like Mark Lucovsky is? Is he going to “shock and awe” the world?

He just might have something cool up his sleeve, but I like the unexciting approach a lot better. I’m noticing a lot of the Google products I’m using are getting little updates every few days. Most you can’t even notice, but many you can.

Having a big company ship a fix that you request — and do it overnight — is very satisfying. It builds a brand loyalty that will be hard to beat.

What about you? Are you noticing this behavior at Microsoft? Yahoo? Google? Ask?