PayPerPost forces disclosure

I totally agree with Techcrunch’s Mike Arrington that PayPerPost just did something right by forcing disclosure (to be announced Monday, although who cares about announcement times anymore when the geeks are all online on Saturday evening).

I’d prefer disclosure be done on every post, though, because more and more content is going to be read in RSS news aggregators.

Of course I put this post, and a bunch of other good blogs today, over on my link blog. Speaking of which, I think a more accurate name for that is “my gesture blog.” Since I’m tipping my hat to the best of blogging by “Shift-S”ing everyone who gets on there. Yes, that was my gesture to the gesture lab. The gesturer has been keeping his gestures to himself and that is turning out to be quite a weird gesture.

Oh, well, PayPerPost just gave a nice listening gesture and that’s why they are getting the tip of the hat from me and Mike.