How to do geek shirts and stickers right

When PodTech made T-Shirts, I remember Maryam making sure that we had lots of smaller sizes. When we went to London she packed a bunch of these smaller sizes. And when we were at the London Girl Geek Dinner she handed them out and made sure the men didn’t get any. Hmmm, sounds like she’s following Kathy Sierra’s advice. Truth is, so many conferences only make XL sizes available. Marketers should read the comments on Kathy’s blog post. It’s right on, as usually Kathy’s advice is!

I just donated six bags of T-shirts (hundreds of shirts) to Goodwill. Which ones did I keep? The ones that look nice on me and/or have brand names that I like and are tastefully presented. My Firefox shirt, for instance, is a favorite (I wore it on the Google videos).

Anyway,  that reminds me of another pet peeve.

Every interview I do I ask for stickers. Why?  Here’s a picture of my tripod. I love marketing stickers. So do many people, based on the laptops I’ve been seeing lately show up to conferences. Check out this Flickr page for a bunch of good examples of stickered up laptops.

What advice do I have to get a sticker on my laptop and/or tripod?

Give me various sizes, particularly smaller ones. And if your logo is obscure, give me your URL too. Even better, make it two separate stickers so I can stick your URL over your logo. Jeff Sandquist sent me some Channel 9 stickers and they are simply too big. What happens with stickers that are too big? We cut them apart, which reduces their effectiveness. Heheh, I’m putting a Channel 9 guy on my new Mac, except it’ll just be a head.

Make something different and make it so that if you get a one on the back of a laptop and get it up on Flickr that you can actually see the logo.

Oh, and make sure your service rocks. I paste over stickers from services that don’t deliver the goods and/or that don’t remain cool.

For instance, I want a Twitter sticker. Why? Cause that’s cool. Linked In? Not cool.