Google replaces SOAP API with AJAX one

Mark Lucovsky, of Google, posted that Google has replaced its SOAP API with its AJAX Search API.

That’s interesting because it’ll hurt Visual Studio developers (VS likes SOAP and WSDL, not AJAX).

Yet another defining moment. This is Google’s way of saying that “we don’t care about Windows applications anymore.”

Last week I posted a video with Lucovsky where he shows off some of the things that are possible with the AJAX Search API.

Lucovsky writes: “While the AJAX Search API does not provide server-side access to search results, it has a number of more powerful features, including access to Video, Maps, Blog Search, and News search results.”

What do you think? How will this hurt or help Microsoft and/or Google?

UPDATE: Dave Winer wants to string up the developer and/or team that came up with the just shipped API.

UPDATE 2: Yesterday Dave Winer chimed in on the Google API deprecation. He thinks it leaves opportunities open for Google’s competitors.

UPDATE 3: David Cooley likes Google’s new API, says “they listen.”