Photowalking in Sacramento postponed

Shel Israel guessed that I wouldn’t be able to stay away from the blog until Tuesday. He was right.

Turns out I can’t host the photowalking tour on December 27th, so want to move it to January 21st. My 42nd birthday is January 18th, so that’ll be a fun way to celebrate.

I’ll share the reason that I can’t make it on the 27th soon, but next week sounds like it’s going to be an interesting one in my life, to say the least.

Sorry to everyone who made plans to be there.

One more post…

OK, I’m off until Tuesday. Have a good one.

I see that Long Zheng has started CES Blogs. Not to be confused with the official CES blog.

Oh, goody, Steve Gillmor is back with “Bad Sinatra.” Love this quote: “And Gabe Rivera chimed in a few days ago in email asking what it would look like if I resurfaced. An eight-foot invisible rabbit.”


LostRemote is wondering whether to go to MacWorld or CES. Let’s see, CES is at least 10 times bigger and you’ll hear all the Apple news in almost real time anyway. Michael Gartenberg has the real answer to that: both.

James Kendrick says that a bunch of new UMPCs (mobile PCs) are expected at CES. Microsoft is one of the sponsors of the PodTech/Seagate BlogHaus, so hopefully we get a good look.

Anyway, hope there’s lots of fun stuff under your tree, see ya on Tuesday.

Remember to get your “what will you store on it” contest entries in to win a Seagate 750GB hard drive.

Seagate’s CEO apologizes for porn comments

Disclaimer, Seagate is the founding sponsor of my show.

Anil Dash has the details (and his own thoughts) on the apology that Seagate’s CEO made yesterday¬† — he links to the details from the author of the article.

Me? I knew it would cause rumblings inside a big company. I, like Anil, hope that Bill doesn’t lose his sense of humor. I told one guy over at Seagate that there’s a silver lining to all this: everyone will want to come to the BlogHaus to meet Bill and see if he’s going to say anything else quotable.

The other thing is: business leadership is about taking risks. Sometimes those risks pay off, other times they don’t. But I’d rather have a leader in charge who is willing to take risks instead of always “playing it safe.”

Andrew Baron gets into videoblogging business

Ahh, I already get called out of my Christmas blog vacation by Andrew Baron (he started Rocketboom), who is building a content mall named Abbey Corps. He’s positioning it against PodShow and the company I work for, PodTech, saying he can demonstrate it’s a better business than either of them. Dave Winer’s blog is where I saw this and Dave has a few of the names he thinks are involved, many of which are my favorite videobloggers.

An entrepreneur once told me: hope you have great competitors cause they’ll inspire you and demonstrate your dreams have value.

So, thank you Andrew for the Christmas present! Now, off to see Mary Hodder at Dabble who has a killer video/social media search engine/platform.

UPDATE: PaidContent is reporting that Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg are starting a new site too, based on their highly successful “D” conference. Oh, I can’t wait to see Kara and Walt at CES again. Everything they do is quality.

Thanks John Welch, be off for a few days…

Well, it’s time to put the blog down for a few days. It’s Christmas for those who are Christian. A fun holiday for the rest of us. Anyway, hope things go well with your families, it’s been quite a year. I can’t believe Christmas is here again.

To John Welch, thanks for the nice goodies for Maryam and me from Amazon. That is so kind.

Oh, regarding Photowalking #5. We will meet on Wednesday, December 27th at the California State Railroad Museum at 1 p.m. — everyone is invited, you don’t have to be into photography. As it stands right now we’ll have some really great photographers there, including the co-founders of JPG Magazine. I have a stack of 8GB Seagate Flash Drives to give away as prizes. Should be a fun day. I’m not sure where we’ll have lunch, but Ajay is driving me and we’ll probably have lunch in Old Sacramento at noon. More will come next week after Christmas. Bring your tripod and your digital camera. It should be lots of fun.

UPDATE ON PHOTOWALKING: there’s a small chance the date and/or time will change. Check in on the evening of December 26th here to see what’s up.

Either way, happy holidays and Merry Christmas. Hope Amazon brought you some goodies too!