Andrew Baron gets into videoblogging business

Ahh, I already get called out of my Christmas blog vacation by Andrew Baron (he started Rocketboom), who is building a content mall named Abbey Corps. He’s positioning it against PodShow and the company I work for, PodTech, saying he can demonstrate it’s a better business than either of them. Dave Winer’s blog is where I saw this and Dave has a few of the names he thinks are involved, many of which are my favorite videobloggers.

An entrepreneur once told me: hope you have great competitors cause they’ll inspire you and demonstrate your dreams have value.

So, thank you Andrew for the Christmas present! Now, off to see Mary Hodder at Dabble who has a killer video/social media search engine/platform.

UPDATE: PaidContent is reporting that Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg are starting a new site too, based on their highly successful “D” conference. Oh, I can’t wait to see Kara and Walt at CES again. Everything they do is quality.


  1. [...] The Rocketboom feuders are competing for headlines today in the little world that cares about them. We’re obliging over at NewTeeVee with a Q&A with Amanda Congdon on the eve of her new show, as well as a report on Andrew Michael Baron’s new network studio co-founded with a guy most every GigaOM reader is familiar with, Jeff Pulver. The studio, to be called Abbey Corps, has already been panned by Dave Winer and welcomed by Robert Scoble. [...]

  2. [...] With all the hub bub of Amanda and Rocketboom and Jeff Pulver who’s upping who, and podcasting and vlogging and who’s getting all the traffic, etc. – I think we often forget about good old fashioned brands.  I mean – who cares whether its a real Vlog or not?  If people are watching and she’s on ‘network TV’ – that’s alll that counts!  And competition is good – and healthy.  And where is Ze Frank – afterall – when we need him? [...]