Photoshop and Multicore

John Nack at Adobe writes an interesting post about Adobe Photoshop and what types of things will go better on systems with multi-core processors (which are really like having multiple processors on one chip — both the Mac I just got and the Sony Vaio I’m typing to you on right now have two cores, by the way).

Intel is spending a lot of time figuring out how to put more cores on each chip. This is a place where the hardware is leading the software. I remember my days talking to the Kernel and C++ teams at Microsoft and how they were scratching their heads on how to make it easier to write multicore software. See, only the most advanced software engineers can write software for multicores, and it’ll be years before we see most software really take advantage of multicore systems. John’s letter gives you some idea of what Adobe’s engineers are looking at.

Congrats to Irina for getting her ***** on BoingBoing

Who said PodTech isn’t a creative place to work? Congrats to Irina for getting her, um, video on BoingBoing. BoingBoing is the #2 blog, according to Technorati. Irina is the face on Geek Entertainment TV, which is part of the PodTech family of content creators. You can catch me checking out Irina’s, um, talents, in last week’s Lunch Meet where we learned all about Renkoo, a cool event planning site. Hey, Maryam, we gotta use Renkoo to do our house warming party!

Microsoft plays fun games, ending at CES BlogHaus

Scott Beale is one of those who got a fun puzzle in the mail from Microsoft over the past few days.

I think it’s an ingenious way to get people to come to the CES BlogHaus we’re putting on (the contest ends in front of the Bellagio on January 8th, which is where the BlogHaus will be). Of course I’ll be there.

I’ll also be at the Tablet dinner (open to everyone) on January 9th. Last year’s deal was a lot of fun.