I didn’t know about Tech Crunch’s new conference until today…

A friend of mine who’ll go unnamed, but he isn’t involved in the Demo conference, just came up to me in the hall here at Demo and said “it’s pretty sleazy that you supported Mike Arrington given that Sam Sethi affair at Le Web.”

For the record, I didn’t know about this conference until Mike told me at lunch today. Also, it did seem fairly tactless to announce a competitive conference at Demo, given what had gone on between Mike and Sam — if Mike had advised me, I would have asked him to wait until after Demo was over to announce this new conference. Here’s Mike’s own words: “This is driven entirely from Sam’s ethical lapse in trashing a competitor while simultaneously promoting his own events.”

Jim Allchin, check this out…

You might have heard the news that Jim Allchin retired today from running the Windows team at Microsoft. But, you might not know that he’s an accomplished guitarist.

Well, now that he’s retired, I’m sure he’ll want to play with Don Box, or Steve Ball, or some other Microsoft musicians (geeks are often great musicians).

Well, on stage at Demo as I type this is “eJamming” which hooks up band members all over the world. Really cool. They have a guitarist on stage that’s playing with other musicians all over the world.

Which blog search engine is covering Demo best?

This morning I started comparing the various blog search engines on which one is doing best at bringing you the best news from the Demo conference.

One thing that bugs me about blog search is still every engine is showing spam, but Technorati seems to have less spam. Anyway, I just visited all the engines and Google Blog search is doing a better job.

What engine is winning in your judgment? Do you agree/disagree that Google is winning here?

Dave: I guess the Telegraph doesn’t watch my videos

Dave Winer notes that the Telegraph said I was mostly “silent” on the issue of Windows Vista. Hmmm, I don’t know that I’d define putting a two-hour video up about Windows Vista and OSX as being “silent.”

But, unlike Dave, I have a copy of Windows Vista and I like it. I’ve already said so much about Vista over the past four years. I’m not sure what else to say other than “congratulations.”

Regarding my videos, Maryam says at least 10 people watched the videos and emailed her (we gave her email address at the end of the second video). Damn, that’s nine more than I was expecting.

EyeJot wins “cool” praise

I didn’t want to be the one to say this, because David Geller, CEO of EyeJot, is a personal friend of mine and my judgment is potentially clouded by that friendship. But, I was watching and EyeJot is definitely something I’ll use to send around video comments and things to my friends and family (it’s a video messaging service)

Michael Copeland at the Business 2.0 Beta Blog says: “Actual sounds of  “that’s cool” from the audience elicitied from this one. And it is.”

The wrong way to avoid information (er, RSS) overload

Blerts.com is on stage right now saying they have the way to read RSS feeds.  Saying it solves information overload problems.

It’s the worst thing I’ve seen on the Demo stage so far.

Wrong way to overcome information overload. Seeing only headlines is FAR FAR FAR less productive than using a real RSS reader that shows full text. This thing only shows you headlines which means you have to click and wait to see each item. That is HORRIBLY inefficient compared to other approaches like NewsGator, Bloglines, NetNewsWire, or Google Reader.

Can you use keyboard commands to plow through your feeds like Google Reader does for me? No.

Does it give you a river of text like Google does? No.

I almost didn’t even bring this up. There’s so much better stuff coming out of Demo that deserves your attention more.