The snarky questioner

One memory of last week hanging out with John Edwards was him being interviewed by about a dozen news crews at 5 a.m. in the morning. I listened to his answers — I couldn’t hear the questions, because he had an earphone in his ear where you could hear the questions coming in.

One guy brought a reaction after the lights were off. Edwards told his staff something like George was snarky — gave him weird questions that were trying to throw him off. I told Edwards that I couldn’t tell from his answers, which shows how well prepared he is for different interview styles. It’s why I didn’t ask hard questions — I know these people are well trained by their staffs to always give “presidential answers.”

It is interesting, though, that the staff decided to accept an invitation from George Stephanopoulos to be on his Sunday morning show. He was George, the snarky questioner.

George’s Sunday morning interview is online now. Hey, if you watch the video, you’ll see another name that’s familar to us all: Amanda Congdon.

Interesting that the snarkiness was gone in this interview. I wonder if he was doing that just to test Edwards to see if he could hold up to pressure?