One thing I hope dies in 2007

Hugh Macleod cracks me up. His post about “five things you don’t know about me” was the ultimate way to stop this stupid meme that seems to be continuing to travel through blogs. Although now people are posting what kind of superhero are you. Sigh. So, I’m not optimistic that these kinds of “blog questions” will end in 2007. I wish they would, though.

Here’s his answers — you have to understand British humor, methinks to get why this is funny:

five things you don’t know about me

1. I dislike you intensely.

2. I love it when bad things happen to you.

3. When your name is mentioned I immediately try to change the subject.

4. I wouldn’t read your blog if you paid me.

5. If we were trapped on a desert island together I would kill myself.

2007 Edge Question: what are you optimistic about?

Lots of interesting people are talking about the Edge question: what are you optimistic about and why?

Last week I met hundreds of Americans in four cities. That experience made me much more optimistic about the future.

One guy, in particular, gave me a tour of his FEMA trailer in a poor, decimated, New Orleans neighborhood and then took me inside his stripped-out home that had been flooded eight feet deep with water and muck. He was black. I was white. Not that that matters, but in previous decades I probably wouldn’t have been invited into his home. He had an awesome attitude, despite the crap that life had dealt him. He made me optimistic once again that we can take on tough challenges and come through with a laugh, a smile, and a great joke about it all.

But, then I realized why he had a great attitude. He had friends who were helping him rebuild his house. They were working on making their neighborhood better. One stud at a time, one of them told me.

They made me optimistic that my son will see a better world than I’ve seen. One where we can figure out how to bootstrap communities out of poverty. One where we see the last vestiges of “isms” disappear. One where we help each other out — one nail at a time, if need be.

Thank you New Orleans for the optimism and thank you to everyone who helped get me there (Seagate, PodTech, John Edwards in particular).

45 minutes left in 2006

It’s already 2007 in most of the world (Denver just crossed over). Hope you all are having a good New Year. Patrick has been moping all night. You have no idea how much his new Mac meant to him. He saved up for about a year to get it and now he has to use a Windows machine and he’s not happy at all.

Anyway, Thomas Hawk has a beautiful picture of ladybugs that reminds me of a trip Patrick and I took to Yosemite when he was seven. We came upon a huge patch of ladybugs. All doing the “wild thing.” I took a few pictures and called it my ladybug porn. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but it makes me hopeful for the future. The ladybugs are having a party, hope you are too!

Oh, back to politics, over on the Republican side of the fence, Mitt Romney is reaching out to bloggers too, according to the Boston Globe. “The Internet, e-mail, blogs, and websites are to organizational politics what the telephone was starting in the 1940s or what direct mail was starting in the 1960s,” said Craig Shirley, an author and political consultant who worked on Reagan’s presidential campaigns.

Anyway, it’s going to be an interesting year on a whole lot of fronts, politics being one of them. I learned today that on Wednesday I’m going to get a tour of one of Intel’s newest and highest-tech fab lines in Portland, Oregon, where they are kicking out four-core processors. Should be an interesting week in preparation for CES. Sounds like we’re going to have an interesting group of people in the BlogHaus — our list is already more than 100 people including some of the biggest names in blogging and social media.