25,000 items read on Google Reader

Google Reader has a cool new feature (thanks to Steve Rubel for pointing it out to me) that shows how many items I’ve read, and how many I’ve shared with you on my link blog. Here’s some stats:

I am subscribed to 483 feeds. Over the last 30 days I’ve read 24,891 items and have shared 1,657 items.

I’m about to share some more from gate C5 at the Portland Airport. Plane leaves soon, let’s see how many I can get through.

UPDATE: It now says I’ve read 25,185 items. Whew, what a reading session. Plane door closing now. Gotta run.

Edwards interview up

I’m touring Intel’s processor fab here outside of Portland, Oregon. I lived in Silicon Valley for more than 30 years and have never been inside a processor fab. These things are awesome, very cool to tour if you ever get a chance (very few will, they don’t like tourists inside these buildings). The building we were in is one of the cleanest places in the world. One very small piece of dirt will ruin a chip that could sell for hundreds of dollars at retail. And we are pretty dirty things as things go. I probably have kicked off millions of particles alone just today. One guy like me could ruin a whole run of processors.

Anyway, I’m under NDA so can’t reveal my Intel videos today. Coming soon. In the meantime last week I filmed an interview with John Edwards at the back of the plane. Unfortunately the interview was after I broke my camera, so I used my backup Xacti (a $700 camera that isn’t nearly as good a quality as my $4,000 Sony, especially in low light and noisy places). Funny story, I was just asking Edwards about what he wanted the tech industry to know about him and my battery died on the camera, lucky enough I was also recording audio.

Always have backups!

Anyway, the video of Edwards’ interview is here and the audio of just the part of the interview that got cut short by my battery death is here.