“PayPerSpeech” disclosure

UPDATE: A few things about this were misunderstood. More on those in a second. First, I just talked with John Furrier, PodTech’s CEO, and we’ve decided not to accept the honorarium that PayPerPost offered to us for having me speak at their show. I’m very honored at the gesture, but think it’d be best to keep my speaking deal what it is for everyone else and PodTech now has a policy of not accepting these kinds of honorariums/speaker fees.

Regarding my deal. I generally still don’t like PayPerPost. They haven’t paid me to change my opinion about them. They are providing travel expenses to provide a service (a speech) and that’s it. I’ll give them every bit as good a speech as I gave at Google two years ago (where I had one of the top-rated speeches at its Zeitgeist event). PayPerPost did not have any restrictions on what I could say on stage, nor have they asked me to say anything specific (or even nice) about PayPerPost.

UPDATE2: here’s the PayPerPost blog where they tell more about “PostieCon.”

Here’s my previous unedited post:


Next week it’ll be announced that I’m keynoting at a conference planned and sponsored by PayPerPost. This is my first speech where I’m not only having my travel and expenses paid, but they are covering my salary too. That check will not go to me, but will go, instead, to PodTech, who is paying my salary. I’m sure that the deal I got is different than from other speakers, but I think it’s important to disclose my deal and it’s important for me to disclose ANY commercial activity on my part.

I know this conference will be controversial — one way to get discussions among bloggers broiling is to bring up PayPerPost. Certainly more controversial than speaking at Gnomedex, LIFT, or Northern Voice or something like that.

Why do it then? Cause I’m a capitalist and because I think that blog advertising is something that we should talk about. Disclosure is something those of us who accept payments are figuring out how to do. I didn’t do it well last weekend. Microsoft didn’t do it well when they handed out laptops. And I’m still not that satisfied by PayPerPost’s disclosure policy either. I’m sure we’re far from seeing the last controversy here.

Anyway, I’m off to Basel by way of Frankfurt. See you at LIFT (who did pay our travel expenses too, but not my salary).