Why not turn off DRM on Disney movies?

In my comments to the post I made about Steve Jobs’ screed on DRM lots of people are giving me crap for this post. Pretty usual stuff “Scoble’s an idiot.” Tell me something I don’t already know.

But Michael Markman says I should have gone after Steve about movies since Jobs owns a lot of Disney. Why not open those up instead of asking music companies to open up music? Now THAT is an interesting question. Seems that Jobs already has the ability in his hands of opening up the world. Why doesn’t he take it? Thanks Michael for adding to the conversation instead of just calling me an idiot.

UPDATE: Cory Doctorow really deserves the credit for pushing an anti-DRM stance. He even spoke to a very crowded room at Microsoft a few years back to try to get Microsoft’ies to see the light (Bill Gates whined, but didn’t do anything about the issue). Here’s his reaction to Steve Jobs’ memo. Short version: he liked it, but wants to see action now, not just memos.