I was wrong about “NoFollow”

I was a supporter of the nofollow link, which told search engines not to count that link in their popularity ranking algorithms.

But, after seeing Loren Baker’s post about how lame nofollow is, I find I’m changing my mind.

I’m very concerned, for instance, about Wikipedia’s use of nofollow. More and more of my friends say they now go to Wikipedia to search first before going to Google. Imagine a world where Wikipedia could lock Google out of key information. Wouldn’t it be ironic that something that Google invented could actually be used against it?

That said, I don’t go for the point that comment links should be judged by search engines the same as links in a blog. That sounds really elitist, I know, but I’m seeing all sorts of gaming going on in comments and it’s a lot easier to build authoritative Webs in blogs than in comments.