Daily Archives: February 15, 2007

Neat meeting of the day: Tony Chung

Why do I love my job? I get to meet cool people like Tony Chung who is starting an interview show called Talkmatic. He interviewed me for it, but that’s not what caught my ear about Tony.

He’s a musician and has a final entry in the Sprite Lebron James Theme Song Competition.

He also knows Chinese, and is seeing trends in society that few understand. He’s someone to watch and his blog is fun too. Subscribed.

Want to come on ScobleShow to show off Yahoo Pipes?

Yahoo Pipes is a good example of things that you might miss one day, but keep coming back to the conversation over and over. I was just doing my link blog and noticed this Lifehacker post on Yahoo Pipes. It isn’t the first. I’ve seen probably a dozen stories, and have put probably four or five onto my link blog over the past week.

It’s clear that Yahoo’s Pipes is something that has captured developer’s imaginations. Which, makes it a perfect candidate for ScobleShow.

I’m looking for someone to come on ScobleShow to demonstrate to the world why Yahoo Pipes is so cool and how to use it. If you’re that someone, leave a comment or send me email to robertscoble@hotmail.com.

Oh, and congratulations to Yahoo to doing something that so clearly has captured developer’s imaginations. It’s rare to see big companies innovate in a way that captures developer’s imaginations, and Yahoo clearly did it here. Anyone from Yahoo want to come on the ScobleShow? Particularly a developer on the Yahoo Pipes project?

Why does Yahoo leak?

Andy Beal asks why Yahoo leaks when Google doesn’t.

Google views its secrecy as a competitive advantage, much like Apple does. They have a strong corporate culture internally that makes it “evil” to leak. How did they do that? Easy. Google’s culture is one of a “David” vs. “Goliaths” of Microsoft and Yahoo. I don’t work at Google and I’ve heard some of the stories they tell each other about why they want to keep Google mysterious to the outside world — they want to increase the time that other companies clone their stuff and secrecy is a huge part of that.

Yahoo, on the other hand (and Microsoft too) needs to gesture to the market that it is changing so that its partners can get on board and help it out.

Companies leak when there’s an advantage to doing so. The fact that we’re talking about Yahoo’s leaks demonstrates that we’re playing right into the leaker’s hands. When Google sees an advantage in leaking something, it will too. Just watch. Just like Steve Jobs is learning he can get us all to talk by posting a letter on Apple’s Web site instead of doing the usual old thing by calling the press into a keynote event.

Remember when I posted Steve Ballmer’s email to all employees? I actually had permission to do so from the PR team. Sometimes “leaks” aren’t leaks at all. They are press events designed to get the company’s point of view out to the world.