Daily Archives: February 15, 2007

My first two read posts of the morning: love and anti-love

Here’s the first two posts that I read this morning:

Kathy Sierra’s love.
Ted Stevens anti-love.

One explains why Kathy Sierra is one of the best bloggers out there. She makes love to us with every post.

The other explains why politicians have a bad name among technologists and educated people. Hint to Ted: our society should be looking to give our kids MORE access to knowledge, not less. The trick is in giving kids skills to separate the wheat from the chaff. Not trying to remove the whole kaboodle.

Yesterday Thomas Hawk, me, and Shel Israel got a tour of the world’s longest building. I want you to look at that entry, Ted. Access to that page is what you’re trying to keep my son from looking at. Oh, my. Now, find me a better starting point for learning about SLAC. Sigh, the fact that our society is still arguing about access to information makes me ill. I expect to help the Chinese or Iranians discover the right way to do this. But American politicians? Sigh.

More over on TechMeme on Ted Stevens and his proposed bill.

UPDATE: Wired’s Ryan Singel and Kevin Poulsen says the blog world got this one wrong. That Wikipedia isn’t being banished by this bill.