Why do a reader only for one publication? (Adobe vs. Microsoft for developers)

Kevin Tofel asksWhy would I want different reader apps for different publications?”

He’s talking about New York Times’ Reader.

I’ve tried the reader, and I remember seeing prototypes back when I worked at Microsoft. This was an app designed to show off Windows Presentation Foundation, er, .NET 3.0. Some things that that technology does that the Web doesn’t do are much better text control, better typography, and better resizing of the app on different resolution screens.

But, it doesn’t matter. Google Reader is eating the lunch of this approach. Why? Cause we’ll put up with a little less readability in order to share items with other people, in order to see the information on multiple computers and platforms, and the ability to mash up the content with content from other services ala BlogLines, NewsGator, or Google Reader or other RSS aggregators.

The other trend I am seeing is the stunning growth of Adobe love among developers. Everywhere I go I hear “Flash, Flash, Flash.”

Next week Adobe is showing a bunch of us a bunch of stuff that’s going for developer’s love in an even bigger way. Microsoft is under full scale attack in the developer world. I’ve had developer after developer ask me the past few days “what is Microsoft doing?” Even companies that are seemingly in Microsoft’s camp (like TeamDirection, which is a .NET shop using Sharepoint) are talking about going with Flash, er, Flex and Apollo, which lets developers build standalone applications with Flash technology.

Why is this happening? Because Microsoft is leaving influentials to the Macintosh. Developers who choose Macs (and I see more and more every day) are forcing a move away from Java and .NET toward Adobe Flash stuff.

Microsoft will fight back with WPF/E, which is a .NET 3.0 runtime that runs everywhere, but will it be enough to keep developers from moving away?

It’s an Amazon day

OK, if I were an investor I’d be thinking of buying some Amazon stock.

So far today I’ve interviewed three startups and two of them say they are using Amazon’s S3 Web services (JamGlue, a music mashup service, and TeamDirection, a project management software both use it — these two services could not be more different). It’s not just today I’ve noticed this trend, either. Amazon is getting GREAT love in startup land for making it easy to build services on top of the S3 storage service. Every entrepreneur who has decided on Amazon RAVES about the service.

It’s amazing to me that Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google are letting Amazon get such a huge lead here. These companies will never switch off of this infrastructure if Amazon keeps delivering this level of service. It lets these companies startup for very little money, and provide services that are very advanced. It’s like owning your own data center without the headache of buying new servers as your startup expands.

Oh, and I’m really bummed I missed yesterday’s Photowalking in San Francisco (Eddie took my place). The photos that Thomas Hawk got are stunning. Some of thsoe photos are hosted on SmugMug (the CEO and team showed up) which are, you guessed it, hosted on Amazon’s S3 service.

Gotta run, another interview coming up.

Oh, and what did Amazon show me this morning? I can’t tell, but it was surprising. Can’t wait to talk about it. Damn NDAs.

Video from C5 mobile clinical assistant

Scott Mace, a journalist I trust, is writing for NurseWeek and told me to check out his video of Scott Eckert, CEO of Motion Computing, showing off the Intel C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant that got some press yesterday. He thinks he has the only video of the event.

Why did he send it to me? Cause he knew I have a soft spot in my heart for Tablet PCs. This is pretty interesting. Great example of why Microsoft’s ecosystem keeps Microsoft humming along.

“I’m so unsubscribing cause you’re inane”

DWeatherly writes: “OK, that’s it Scoble, I’m unsubscribed.”

When I talk with new bloggers they generally complain about not having readers, or not having commenters. I tell them “enjoy those days where you can write an inane post without being abused.”

But, here’s the thing DWeatherly just exposed about himself.

1) He doesn’t use a good RSS reader. I read more than 1,000 posts every day and if I hit an inane post I just hit “J.” Yeah, maybe 10 seconds of my day are gone (sometimes inane posts have grabbing headlines, or a good first couple of paragraphs and “fool” me into reading more) but I generally don’t mind too much cause even an inane post sometimes teaches me something.

2) He has expectations of a private blog that are way out of wack. A private blog WILL BE INANE once in a while if it’s written by a single human being. If you expect any single human being to NOT be inane once in a while, you’ll just get pre-processed, pre-edited stuff and won’t see anything real. Translation: you won’t see any posts done at 2 a.m. when we’re just having some geeky fun and trying to point out the general inanity of life.

3) He missed the whole point of the post, which was to point out that Twitter +is+ inane. But that’s what makes it fun. I posted at 2 a.m. and both of my employees wrote back to say the Twitter equivilent of “hi.” And it’s a world-wide-inanity experiment. Rachel Clarke is somewhere else in the world (she usually lives in UK, but I think she’s in New York).

Anyway, my point of this inane post is to tell my readers that if you don’t like inane posts, please don’t read me. Unsubscribe right now and head over to TechMeme, where every post has been linked to by some other smarter, better looking, blogger (or, probably five or 10 of them).

Me? This is my personal blog and, sorry, I’m inane. Stupid. Lame. Boring. Headache inducing. A lot of the time. If you do stick around, just hit “J” in Bloglines or Google Reader and we’ll all get through those parts together.

Oh, and DWeatherly also demonstrated he didn’t watch my video interview that I posted yesterday. That was 45 minutes of an Austrian developer who, definitely, is NOT inane.

Or, he missed where I posted about Jott.com. That service helps you use your cell phone to not be inane (or, at least, not to forget stuff before you can get off the freeway and write it down). But, no, we don’t have DWeatherly here anymore cause he couldn’t put up with an inane four posts about Twitter.

One last thought. Have you ever noticed that the most abusive commenters don’t have blogs of their own? I sure wish these readers who think they know how to do this so well would do a blog of their own so we could all learn from their greatness.

And that’s my inane thoughts today from Hiway 5 in Seattle. David Geller, a guy who is NOT inane, is driving. We’re going to have breakfast with Buzz Bruggeman and Alvey Ray Smith, co-founder of Pixar. How do you know he’s NOT inane? Cause he’s won two Oscars and built technology that revolutionized the movie business. UPDATE: Alvey couldn’t make it, but breakfast wasn’t inane anyway. Onto Amazon.

The problem with Twitter, er, first twittercamp?

I want to go to sleep. But I made the mistake of posting on Twitter a few minutes ago. Here’s the exchange:

  • Scobleizer Irina: get back to work! Heheh.
  • chrispirillo @Scoble: Dude, that is a magic couch. If you turned on the fireplace, you’d have been asleep hours ago.
  •  Scobleizer chrispirillo: it’s so weird when you say I’m one floor down from you right now. Your couch rocks, by the way. I’m off to sleep.
  • irinaslutsky scoble: yay!
  • chrispirillo @Scoble: Dude, I think we’re having the world’s first unofficial twittercamp.
  • Scobleizer rachelclarke: you’re up early to talk to me cause I’m up late.
  • chrispirillo @Scoble: i don’t have half as many followers as you. Then again, how geeky is it that you’re one floor down from me right now?
  • Scobleizer ssethi: when are you bringing those CEOs to the valley? I’d love to be there. Everyone: help chrispirillo with Gnomedex speaker/sponsors.
  • ssethi C2C announced in the guardian. Oli Barratt and I are taking 30+ Euro startup CEO’s to the valley in June with party at the end
  • rachelclarke why am I awake this early?