Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie says nothing

Ahh, Ray Ozzie spoke at a Goldman Sachs conference this morning. Todd Bishop of Seattle PI has the details. Key quote from Todd’s report? “There were no obvious bombshells, or surprise announcements, but people interested in where the company is headed will no doubt be analyzing his comments for indications and clues.”

I did scour his comments for anything interesting. I didn’t find anything except a hint (if you turn your screen sideways and read between the characters) that he’s going to hook whatever he’s working on into the entertainment world that Microsoft has built. Translation: look for to use Xbox Live’s points system. They were talking about doing that back before I left Microsoft. That would be a great idea, but we need to see the implementation.

I wonder how many more speeches Ray is going to give where he doesn’t send some stronger gestures about what Microsoft is going to actually do in the Internet space? To me, each speech is a wasted opportunity. Guess we gotta wait for Mix07.