Reasons to unsubscribe

Me, I’m looking for reasons to subscribe to more blogs. But, at Northern Voice last week someone said that they were looking for reasons to unsubscribe from blogs.

Hey, that’s simple: unsubscribe from that Scoble dude. He’s lame.

Heheh. Anyway, if you’re still reading here Darren has 34 reasons why readers unsubscribe. Damn, reading that list I think I’ve done all 34. Hmmm.

Dow Jones VP on search industry

You might know Dow Jones. They own the Wall Street Journal. So, it’s not everyday that I get to sit down with an executive vice president from there. And, wow, what an impressive person. I almost said “impressive woman” but you don’t get to the top of Dow Jones without being impressive all the way around and Clare Hart does not disappoint.

She was CEO of Factiva before Dow Jones bought that enterprise search engine. Which gives you some idea of what we mostly talked about. We talk about Dow Jones and search.

Factiva is used by lots of companies for search (I used it at Microsoft and it gave me a lot better results for corporate searches than Google or did). We talk about why that is, and which companies are best customers for Factiva.

She thought it was fun that I just setup a camera in the middle of our offices and have a chat without a camera crew and without lights or makeup or any of that that usually surround main stream media.

It was an interesting conversation (about 36 minutes) on a number of different topics, from Google, to blogs, to enterprise search.

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Killer demo? Listen to the keyboards

I have a new way for rating how cool a demo is.

How many keystrokes per second can I count? You know, tap, tap, tap, tap on keyboards.

Virtual Ubiquity is on stage right now showing off a killer Word Processor that works online. Teaches Microsoft quite a few lessons. Will be out in May.

All done in Adobe stuff and it just takes online apps a whole step forward in what I’ll expect to see from now on.

I’m sure there’ll be tons of words written about this shortly.

But. my takeaway is how excited the keyboard tapping is. Sounds like the hail that was hitting our windows last night. Tap, tap, tap.

Pesky Scoble!

Bruce Sterling, in Wired, cracks me up:

“Pesky Scoble! He’s like one geek with a damn camera! There used to be *whole thick bureaucratic and financial and economic and social and personal layers of insulation* between tech startups and the general populace… I mean, people like La Bianchini there, they sure existed — but you didn’t get *pitchforked right into her lap*… What happened to the #$@$%# lagtime and market-friction?! “Those *&&%$$ blogger revolutionaries! They’re worse than the 90s dot-com boomers! They’re more disruptive. They’re violently disruptive. They are not just kiting stocks, they are really tearing into the fabric of reality.”

Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie says nothing

Ahh, Ray Ozzie spoke at a Goldman Sachs conference this morning. Todd Bishop of Seattle PI has the details. Key quote from Todd’s report? “There were no obvious bombshells, or surprise announcements, but people interested in where the company is headed will no doubt be analyzing his comments for indications and clues.”

I did scour his comments for anything interesting. I didn’t find anything except a hint (if you turn your screen sideways and read between the characters) that he’s going to hook whatever he’s working on into the entertainment world that Microsoft has built. Translation: look for to use Xbox Live’s points system. They were talking about doing that back before I left Microsoft. That would be a great idea, but we need to see the implementation.

I wonder how many more speeches Ray is going to give where he doesn’t send some stronger gestures about what Microsoft is going to actually do in the Internet space? To me, each speech is a wasted opportunity. Guess we gotta wait for Mix07.