The best presentation from LIFT: Brian Cox

If there’s one presentation where I actually LEARNED something new, it was Brain Cox’s presentation at LIFT. This is a wonderful presentation (Rodrigo linked to two versions), I wouldn’t miss it. He’s a former rock star who now is a physicist at CERN and explains the work that CERN is doing (hint: they are going to discover the key building blocks of mass). Simply inspiring. Must watch. All that.

And, if after watching that you wanna check out some ScobleShows, we uploaded two more interesting ones today. First is an interview with vice president at Sun Microsystems who talks about startup trends and what Sun is doing.

I wonder what startups and/or developers think about what Sun is saying here?

The second set is for Webmasters who want to build their own browser toolbars. Conduit’s Reena Jadhav talks about why you’d want to do that and demonstrates how to do it.

UPDATE: I just watched this again. It is just so freaking inspiring. I wish every schoolkid in the world would watch this. It would inspire, I think, a whole generation of people to become scientists and want to work on CERN’s data.

UPDATE 2: This is a good video to watch before you watch my tour of CERN’s computing center and museum.