Daily Archives: March 1, 2007

Interesting blog PR insight from political side of the fence

I’m trying not to write much about politics cause that’s not really what we’re all here for. But I do still watch lots of political blogs on both the right and left side of the American fence for insights that I can bring into the corporate world that I usually talk with. Here’s one, in Salon, by Lindsay Beyerstein on why she refused to blog for John Edwards.

The learning here is interesting. How might you apply that thinking to your corporate blog team?

A few things:

1) Listen to advice when given by someone who you want to hire anyway.
2) An organization’s “brand” is made up by all its participants. Microsoft is more than Bill Gates. The sins of the participants will be used against all.
3) The no-asshole rule should apply. Hint: people around you might judge who is an asshole differently than you do. (by the way, that rule in my head comes from a good book called “the No Asshole Rule,” here’s a video by its author who is a Stanford Professor). Now, I piss off people as much as the next guy, but this rule should be considered, particularly in political organizations.