Twitter’s slow and I’m on TechMeme

I’m on TechMeme with my “I’m gonna have another child” post. OK, now, that’s a bug. Clearly not important and hasn’t gotten many links yet. So, how did it get on there? I think Gabe’s algorithm is counting comments received per hour! I bet Gabe is writing a new algorithm now to filter out baby announcements. 🙂

Also, Twitter is damn slow.

One thing that Twitter is going to have to be built for is an earthquake. Now, imagine a sizeable disaster coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. Imagine that Twitter will see 1000 times more traffic that day than it is today. Now you see the problem coming. I hope Evan Williams is thinking about how to make this thing scalable. It’s doubling in number of users every few days according to my followers’ list. Problem is that Venture Capitalists probably aren’t funding Twitter cause they don’t see the revenue.

Big revolutions always start with the stupidest small things.