Adobe ships Apollo public alpha

Ahh, nothing like the sound of shipping software on a Sunday evening. Adobe just turned on its servers to get the Apollo alpha software (Ryan Stewart has the scoop). For developers only. And even then I’d only go toward this stuff if you’re an early adopter who needs to be up to date on the latest stuff.

What will it let you do? Build Flash-centric apps that run on your desktop. One of the downsides of Web sites is that they cease to work if you aren’t connected to the Internet. Anyone who has tried to use Google Calendar inside an airplane can relate to that experience.

Lots of new apps ahead. Ryan Stewart has the best blog about the new Rich Internet Application space, which is what Apollo will let developers build apps for. Competes with Microsoft’s WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

First read? Microsoft is ahead in workflow and 3D, but Adobe is ahead in ubiquity and cross-platform. Lots of developers like using Macs now, and Microsoft only makes WPF tools for Windows. Also, there’s WPF/E (for “everywhere”) but it is a small subset of WPF, so developers might find that to be frustrating and limiting and decide to go with Apollo.

What do you think? If you’re a developer are you looking to build these kinds of connected desktop apps? If you are, what platform are you going to choose?

As with anything hot in tech, I’m putting the best posts on my link blog (another great Kathy Sierra post is on there now too).

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