Apple TV rocks

I bought an Apple TV tonight.

I’ve watched Ask a Ninja, Rocketboom, my show, and Ze Frank on it so far.

Works as advertised. Easy to setup. It rocks.

It makes me want to put out a high res version of my show. But, it’s pretty watchable, even at the low resolution it is.

I’m watching Kevin Schofield on my 60-inch TV on it. The tour he gave me of MS Research’s TechFest really rocks. I’m watching the second part.

I think I’m going to use this almost wholly to look at Internet video shows.

The integration with iTunes really is great. This is a winner. I take back anything I wrote about it before.

Oh, and it also supports 1080i HD. Read the comments, my brother points out that while it says on the menu that it supports 1080i, it actually doesn’t output in that resolution.

I picked it up at the Palo Alto Apple store tonight. They still had them in stock after the Office 2.0 party I attended down the block with Maryam.