What a lens!

We had a great day on the photowalk today. About 15 people showed up. Got some fun surfing photos, plus others.

Thomas started shooting before 6 a.m. and we stayed at it until 3 p.m.

I figure 50 gigs of photos were taken, I can tell everyone is working on processing their stuff cause the Flickr stream for Photowalking8 is seeing a bunch of additions in the past few minutes and Thomas Hawk hasn’t gotten much of his stuff up yet.

Tomorrow I’ll try to link to the best.

UPDATE: Thomas Hawk is uploading his photos to his Zooomr account here.

Oh, and Thomas let me use his camera to take a few shots. Here’s one, titled “fatherhood” that I shot that’s already gotten a few favorites. It’s a real thrill to see a photo of mine among Thomas’ photos.