Microsoft Mixing it up…

I’ve posted a few of the best posts from the floor of Mix to my link blog. I didn’t post much news myself, instead have been listening to developers up in the BlogZone about what they think to get a feeling of how well Microsoft’s announcements are going over with attendees.

So far very well indeed. TechMeme has even more reports. Microsoft’s own bloggers tend to be underreported on TechMeme, so I’ve linked to several of those on my link blog since I think they actually are doing some of the best writing about what it means.

Ryan Stewart, who is quickly becoming my favorite blogger in the Rich Internet Application space, has the best writeup I’ve seen so far.

My short take? Microsoft has significantly added new capabilities to RIA developers and I look forward to hearing more. Some things that aren’t clear? How much of .NET has been moved to Silverlight? What won’t work?

The HD video quality and streaming service really rock, although it’s interesting that video length is capped at 10 minutes for free streams (hinting at pay services to come). Also, Microsoft underplayed the ability to use multiple languages to write these kinds of apps (Flex is only JavaScript).

Anyway, this stuff will be picked apart for months but the developers who were here were very impressed.

What do you think? Jeff Sandquist tells me that every presentation at Mix has been recorded and will be uploaded to over the next day or so.

Exclusive eBay Demos

I recently was honored to get an invite to see inside eBay’s internal skunkworks demos. I was the only outsider that I know of to see their Demo Expo. I saw 24 projects — all prototypes, all for employees only and picked my four favorites. These are those videos.

Video one: The details.
Video two: tagcloud shows eBay reputations — emotionally.
Video three: eBay billboard in Second Life.
Video four: eBay toolbar prototype.
Video five: the eBay To Go widget (the only one of these that’s actually shipping so far).

Live from Mix

I’m broadcasting live from the Mix BlogZone all day today wearing my hat with a video camera on it. The connection speed is great, so video quality is fine.

UPDATE: they are just starting to show demos at the keynote which is also being streamed live at

UPDATE2: we have the CEO of SmugMug, Dave Winer, a few Microsofties, and other devs and we’ll tear apart the keynote after it’s done.

I love Flickr…

The images are pouring in by the dozens from today’s Dream Machines event. Steve Jurvetson (famous venture capitalist, he was the VC behind Hotmail, among others) and Jim Louderback (editor in chief of PC Magazine) have both posted images on that tag. Jim had his cute son along today and Thomas Hawk (Zooomr’s CEO) was managing to shoot with one hand and keep his two kids in tow with the other.

Why do I love Flickr? Because of the community of photographers that’s on there. I can quickly figure out a tag to find things and then hundreds of images show up. I just tried Zooomr and Photobucket. Only Flickr has images that come up for “dreammachines.”

Thank you Flickr for bringing me event coverage like this.

What about you? What’s your favorite photosharing site? SmugMug also gets high ratings, but its strength is more in its private groups than in its public sharing. But what do you think?

UPDATE: I do love Thomas Hawk’s Zooomr stream and he says that yesterday’s shoot was his favorite so far.

Bad commute coming tomorrow in Bay Area

Thomas Hawk was a little late for our photowalking today because he thought it was important enough to get pictures of the destroyed 580/Bay Bridge interchange. The commute is going to be really messed up for the next few months. Be warned if you’re coming from the East Bay to Oakland or San Francisco over the Bay Bridge.

Anyway, we had a really great day. We told everyone to use photowalking9 as the tag. I’m sure we’ll see photos by tonight since about a dozen photographers showed up (there were hundreds of people taking pictures, and it seems the most popular tag is “dreammachines” for looking at those). It’s amazing just how much time and money are put into cars, though. Some really stunning cars were on display there.

This B-17 was a real thrill to stand underneath. I met a guy once who got shot down in one of those over Germany and spent the next few years as a prisoner of war.

I’m off to fight the traffic (it’s quite a mess in Half Moon Bay) and drop Patrick off. Then gotta fly to Vegas for the Mix conference. See ya live tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.