It’s a Tweet from Zoho!

Oh, I guess someone IS reading my Twitter account (this time over at Zoho). Heheh. On Friday I went to their offices in Pleasanton to meet with Raju Vegesna of Zoho. Zoho is building an impressive suite of “Work 2.0” services (things you can use at work to collaborate with other people).

They have spreadsheets, word processors, meeting apps, and many, many other things. Have you tried any out? I’m trying some out. The Work 2.0 space is hot and Zoho is a big reason why. As to Twitter, I post a lot of stupid, lame, things there. You’ve been warned. Oh, and don’t check out Twittervision. That’ll keep your attention for at least two minutes. Twittersearch is a good way to search for anyone who has said something lame about anything. Like I said, it’s lame. But I’m addicted. So are thousands of others.

Tweets are what we call posts on Twitter. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Good night.