More hardware that I have to have: Drobo

Gizmodo wrote about Drobo. But, I saw it about a week ago and was asked to keep it quiet. Obviously someone else couldn’t keep it under wraps. So, what the heck.

What is it? Well, you know to keep your data on two seperate hard drives, or more, right?

How do you do that? RAID? Yep.

But this thing is RAID made simple. You just slide in a new SATA hard drive (Seagate is gonna love this) and it automatically senses it, and uses it.

Stick in only one drive (it has four slots) and it isn’t happy. It knows your stuff isn’t stored on two drives. So, it’s at risk. It’ll tell you. Warns you with a yellow light that your data isn’t safe.

Slide in a second drive. It takes a few seconds to reconfigure (it does this while live — you can even be copying, or storing, data to the first drive while you slide in a second drive). It will turn both lights green after it makes sure everything has a second drive.

Slide in a third drive. Same thing. It goes yellow while it reconfigures everything to share across three drives.

Take out the first drive. All your data is still there. But the lights go yellow while the drives reconfigure the data and make sure you’re safe.

Take out the second drive, leaving only the third (assuming all are the same size). Now things still work, but the lights don’t go back to green. Yellow all the way.

Along the bottom it tells you how much space is available.

This thing rocks. I can see buying quite a few of these for PodTech.

Won’t be on the market for another month or two. Can’t wait to be able to buy them. Here’s the official Web site.