TV tips, story behind my new Haworth Chair

One thing I try to do is always treat my guests on my show well. I don’t always succeed. It’s my job to have a conversation with them and try to get them to look good. It’s why I tell them, during demos, not to look around at me but rather to stare inside the camera lens. I learned when I was on the BBC and other TV shows that if you are looking around you’ll look shifty-eyed, not confident.

Other things you should do on TV? Wear a shirt that has a solid color. Blue, or gray, or something like that. Generally avoid white or red or really bright yellow, cause those colors sometimes bloom on TV and don’t look good. But, definitely avoid patterns. The worst will pulsate.

Ask the host where to look. Sometimes they want you to look inside the camera. Other times they don’t. If they want you to look at the camera, stare at it and don’t look away while you’re on air. This is much harder than it looks.

Anyway, if you come to PodTech and you’re in the “hot seat” on my show, you’ll be sitting in a new Haworth Zody chair, worth about $1,000. That was sent to us by Don Lair of It’s a really nice chair, certainly better than the $150 chairs PodTech bought everyone. Thanks Don for letting me try that out and giving our guests a more comfortable experience!

The first guest to use the chair was Dean Haglund, former star on Xfiles.

This week I’ll be scheduling the next two months of ScobleShow guests. I have about 200 requests and can’t get them all on the show, unfortunately.

Got any other tips for people who come on my show?