Nothing more boring than the “narcissystem”

Chris Pirillo calls all these new video streaming things like and Stickcam and the microblogs like Jaiku, Twitter the “narcissystem.”

Matthew Ingram asks “Is there such a thing as too much information?” and “is this the future?”

Oh, don’t worry Justin is safe — for now. I’m not going to broadcast every minute of my life. But I bet more people will try it, especially since got a lot of PR over its first month (he was on Nightline, Today Show, among other TV shows, and on the front page of San Francisco’s biggest newspaper).

One major downside? Both of these trends make me far less productive than I was before. So, I don’t see a lot of people doing these things long term. But, they are fun to play with. To me it’s just amazing that I can broadcast video to the world. At one point yesterday I was talking with Pat in Ireland. He was watching us driving along a freeway in California. What a weird world.

If you want to join the narcissystem, boring as it might be, Jeremiah Owyang has a bunch of pictures showing how it’s done. It sure isn’t as hard as writing a scalable system in Ruby on Rails!