Microsoft WPF vs. Adobe Apollo, part 329

Don’t miss the cool presentation app that Electric Rain showed me called “Standout.”

They chose Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation to build their app on.

It’s really interesting to see who goes with one framework over another. I was talking with another developer last night at the Digg party who is a long-time Flash developer. He says he’s building something in WPF for introducing at Mix07 and tol me that WPF really surprised him in terms of the quality of experience that his team could build (he asked me to keep him confidential cause they want to stay in stealth mode until Mix07).

Are you a developer who has switched from Microsoft to Adobe or from Adobe to Microsoft because of either Apollo or WPF? I’d love to talk with you about why.

Anyway, here’s a short “Editor’s Choice” version so you can just get a quick 10-minute look. For a longer interview/demo, see

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