The Irrelevant Mix07 Predictions

I’m hearing a ton of rumors of what’s coming to Mix07 next week in Las Vegas. I’ll be there Monday. Feel free to throw a piece of fruit as you head into the hall. I’ll be doing hallway cam out with Loren Heiny.

Anyway, here’s what we MIGHT see. How about you, what do you think Microsoft will show off?

1. An Amazon S3 competitor. “Ve have more datacenter knowledge than Amazon.”
2. Ruby on Rails and PHP running on .NET. Will it make Twitter scale?
3. Microsoft will announce an open source initiative. After all, why else would William Hurley be speaking there? Although likening Mix to a BarCamp made me gag. BarCamps are free, and aren’t centrally planned. No journalists need to beg to be let into them.
4. Ray Ozzie will use these terms at least two times during his keynote interview: HD. API. Widget. Decentralized Web. RSS. Silverlight. ASP.NET. Streaming video. DRM. Services. Ecosystem. Xbox. Media Center. Cross platform.
5. Mike Arrington will pitch TechCrunch 20, his new conference for new product demos, at least once. Bonus points if he mentions it three times.
6. Someone will point out that ABC TV isn’t using either Adobe or Microsoft video technology.
7. At least three companies will say they weren’t paid by Microsoft to build their apps and demonstrate them on stage.

So, what about you? Are you expecting anything new?

51 thoughts on “The Irrelevant Mix07 Predictions

  1. I hope the announce official support for JSON – I know they use it in AJAX.Net, but there is NO documentation. It would be GREAT is they greated something like GDATA or AtomPub using JSON.

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