I love Flickr…

The images are pouring in by the dozens from today’s Dream Machines event. Steve Jurvetson (famous venture capitalist, he was the VC behind Hotmail, among others) and Jim Louderback (editor in chief of PC Magazine) have both posted images on that tag. Jim had his cute son along today and Thomas Hawk (Zooomr’s CEO) was managing to shoot with one hand and keep his two kids in tow with the other.

Why do I love Flickr? Because of the community of photographers that’s on there. I can quickly figure out a tag to find things and then hundreds of images show up. I just tried Zooomr and Photobucket. Only Flickr has images that come up for “dreammachines.”

Thank you Flickr for bringing me event coverage like this.

What about you? What’s your favorite photosharing site? SmugMug also gets high ratings, but its strength is more in its private groups than in its public sharing. But what do you think?

UPDATE: I do love Thomas Hawk’s Zooomr stream and he says that yesterday’s shoot was his favorite so far.