Dinner with Harry…Yahoo Flickerizes

I had dinner with a bunch of CEOs and press folks tonight, same dinner that Mike Arrington just got a news scoop that Yahoo is closing Yahoo photos in favor of Flickr (existing photos don’t need to move, Stewart Butterfield told me, but new accounts need to be placed up on Flickr). Mike demonstrated to me again why TechCrunch is one of my favorite blogs. He got the scoop before any of us could figure out what was going down and borrowed a PC and wrote a blog post write from the corner of the dinner. No matter what you say about Mike he works his ass off and I, for one, appreciate that a lot.

I thought it was ironic that Harry McCracken (former PC World Editor who was the topic of a blog storm today) was also at my table. He told me that he appreciated me backing off of writing about him and the PC World situation. Says that there indeed is more behind his decision that hadn’t been reported and probably won’t and that he actually had TWO articles that he wanted to run on Apple: one positive, one negative.

From our conversation it’s clear he has great love for PC World and he told me he’s going to experiment with blogging and possibly video. Colin Crawford, who was Harry’s boss, wrote about Harry’s resignation over on his blog, but didn’t give too many details other than to say that the reports are not accurate.