The $10,000 Gnomedex

I just turned down a speaking gig in a foreign country that would have paid $10,000 if I had gone. Why? Partly because friendship means more to me than money (Chris Pirillo is my best friend in the industry — I was best man at his wedding) and partly because conference is at the same time as Gnomedex, which is one of my favorite conferences. I’m not speaking at Gnomedex. I’m not being paid to attend Gnomedex. But I’m going anyway and hope to see you there too (it’s selling fast, so don’t wait too long to buy your ticket).

How do I know Chris is a friend? He answered after I told him all this “are you crazy?” Yeah, I am crazy, but I’m going to Gnomedex.

I say “partly” because PodTech has a policy against accepting speaker fees unless management approves (although I’m pretty sure they would have approved of the conference that was inviting me).

Thinking of Rocky…

Yet another reminder that every day is a gift. Yesterday my editor’s mom passed away unexpectedly. It brought back a bunch of memories of my own mom’s death just about a year ago. We might not get videos up this week and that’s fine with me. Maryam and I are thinking of Rocky. Not much else to say.