Meebo chat adds video

Meebo’s new Meebo Rooms are pretty darn cool. Your teenagers will be on it for hours. It takes several IM systems (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, among others) and mashes them together. Plus you can drop in video and chat about that. Really cool stuff.

There’s tons of news about that and Silverlight/Flash/JavaFX over on my link blog. The Meebo stuff from TechCrunch is on page four. Oh, and some Chris Pirillo and Shelley Powers photos of the flooding Mississippi river too. All sorts of stuff from your favorite tech bloggers that you won’t see on TechMeme or Digg. Shhhh, even an item about Digg censorship.

Take advantage of my link blog now cause come September I am gonna have other, um, responsibilities in life. 🙂

San Jose Mercury News partners with PodTech as its video distribution network

The San Jose Mercury News is Silicon Valley’s newspaper. I used to read it back when I was a kid. I remember hanging out with Merc photographers and trying to beat them at what they did (I got a photo of Ronald Reagan that won a few awards doing just that).

That history is why I’m so proud that the Mercury News choose PodTech for their video distribution network partner. It’ll be interesting to watch how the Mercury News continues to change its business from a print-oriented one to one that’s more blog and multimedia focused. First visit is to Yahoo’s brickhouse in San Francisco.

Elsewhere on the Internet is a good article in the Wall Street Journal about how to be a video star in a YouTube world.

More to come from PodTech, we’re just starting to roll on the video distribution space.

’60 Minutes’ brings Google traffic

I saw several hundred people getting to my blog by Googling “RedFin” tonight. This is very strange and is a huge anomaly in my traffic patterns. reports to blog owners where traffic is coming from. I wondered why everyone was searching for “RedFin” and then I found the RedFin blog and saw that they were on the famous American TV show 60 Minutes last night. Why did Google bring the traffic here? The seventh result on Google is my video I did with RedFin’s CEO back in March.