New York tour

I’m sitting here with PodTech star Loren Feldman. The dude is funny. I wish I was funny. Even 1/100th as funny.  We’re also hanging out in New York with Rachel Clarke (she does marketing for a bunch of big consumer companies that she’d rather me not name) and machinima expert Paul Martino.

Anyway, earlier today I visited the Fast Company offices. Here’s their blog. Damn, they are awesome offices. They just moved into the rebuilt World Trade Center #7 building (it was destroyed on 9/11). They have 360-degree views of New York. One window looked down on Ground Zero, lots of work being done to build a new tower and a memorial.

It’s a place that emotionally took my breath away when I first got there. After Fast Company we went to Katz’ deli where about 10 people showed up. We’re sitting in Cafe La Fortuna in Upper West Side. Great pastries!