Google hiring funniness

Jeff Barr is an evangelist at Amazon on its Web Services team. He’s getting some funky recruiting email, says that the recruiters don’t have a good database of who has interviewed there before. Doesn’t make one confident that they have their act together when it comes to hiring “Googly” people. Personally I think it’s funny when recruiters don’t use their own search engines and when they put up artificial blocks to try to filter idiots out. Anyone who does an hour’s worth of research with a search engine, like, say, Google’s, knows that Jeff is worth hiring and isn’t worth treating with a bit of the usual filtering bulls##t. Either hire him, or leave him alone. I also wouldn’t let newbie recruiters even get close to anyone who has a blog — I’d make sure that bloggers get handled by a real pro, not the amateur hour kind of hiring folks that are pitching Jeff currently.

Hiring is hard, I know. There are very few people on the street right now. Two entrepreneurs that I met with today asked me if I knew any developers or designers who were looking for jobs. I don’t know anyone who isn’t fully employed right now, so if you want to hire someone you’re going to have to play a pretty good game. Especially if you want someone who has the rolodex that Jeff does.