I can’t get into Flickr anymore…

My Flickr account has locked me out. I can sign into Yahoo. But when I want to get into Flickr, it keeps asking me to associate my Flickr account with my Yahoo user name. I have already done that. It worked this morning, but now something is horked.

Sigh. No Flickr. No Zooomr.

I guess I’ll have to sign up for something else.

By the way, Yahoo has the WORST CAPTCHAs in the industry (the little codes that you have to read and enter in so you can change passwords and such). They are nearly impossible to read.

I need to do a video on how much I hate Yahoo’s ID system. It makes me want to use Passport and that’s saying something.

Sigh, Google, when are you going to give me a good photo sharing service so I can get the pictures off of my very cool Nokia phone and share them with the world? I guess I gotta sign up for Nokia’s LifeBlog service.

Grrrrr. Sometimes all this Web stuff frustrates me to no end.

Oh, and there’s never a link so that you can talk to a real human being. I emailed Heather Champ, Flickr’s community leader, but I doubt I’ll hear back until Monday.

Heheh, I can see my Flickr account. I just can’t publish to it.

Oh, and tried changing the password, and all that. I still can get into my Yahoo account. It just doesn’t recognize the Flickr side of the house anymore.

Is this happening to anyone else?

UPDATE: turns out I have two accounts. I thought I was signing into the right one. Heather told me about the other one. I tried to sign into that. No password. Tried to sign in using the details. Didn’t work. I needed to contact tech support. Turned out my Zip code had nine digits in Yahoo, and didn’t match cause it was so old (I forgot it). Getting into Yahoo passwords is really hard if you forget all your info. Heheh. Anyway, it’s all connected and I’m into the right account again.