I love Dawn…


Dawn Douglass enters the conversation with another cartoon and a blog post. She suggests ignoring people who bring untruths to the Web. Oh, I wish that were so easy! But it’s so easy for these people to build audiences with search engines and whatnot anyway. So, don’t quite think that’s a good answer either. Letting lies hang out there unchallenged just means that some people will believe they are true. I don’t have the answers, though. Wish I did.

Too accessible:

Email (and MSN Messenger, which I rarely use): robertscoble@hotmail.com
Phone: 425-205-1921

You can also find me on these fine networks:

No, I still don’t do LinkedIn or Plaxo and I rarely use Skype anymore. I’m going to Plaxo on Tuesday to look at a new version coming out. But LinkedIn is close to getting me back. Damn, it seems like everyone in the world wants me to join it. I try to ignore these things, I really do.

Any others I should be on?

Another Facebook phenom to kick off tomorrow?

Come back tomorrow at 2 p.m. — I’ll cover the launch of a new Facebook app. Will it be as popular as iLike (which got to six million downloads in two weeks?)

We’ll see about that!

Sorry, can’t tell you who it is until 2 p.m. Pacific Time tomorrow.

Valleywag offers me a job…

It’s interesting how Valleywag can make up all sorts of bulls##t about people and get away with it.

I’m not looking to leave PodTech and have committed to staying there until 2008. I have not interviewed at any company and certainly not Google, Facebook, or USVP. My sponsor, Seagate, has renewed its sponsorship so everyone is happy. And with a new kid on the way I don’t need the stress of starting a new job.

Oh well, suckered into linking to Valleywag with a post that doesn’t have a single word of truth in it (well, it is true that I didn’t graduate from college). Good linkbait! Well played Nick Denton!