Note to myself about social networks

A note to myself: stop joining every social network just cause all your cool friends are on it. Remember this day. How many Facebook friends have you added in the past 24 hours? More than 300? How many friends do you have on Twitter? More than 4,000? You only have yourself to blame. Now go buy a BBQ so Maryam is happy for the rest of the weekend. Otherwise no more social networking for you buddy!

When I finally meet Mark Zuckerberg I’m going to poke him in the ribs for making me click three times just to add a friend. Hey, Mark, I’m still going to add everyone who friends me as a friend. Just making it more difficult isn’t going to stop me! I bet the next social network is actually going to look at Flickr to see if there’s any photos of us hanging out together. Geesh.

Fake Steve prepares Apple faithful for media backlash

Whoever writes the Fake Steve blog is pretty damn good. Yeah, he’s always whining about something or other I wrote but that makes it funny. I really don’t like fake blogs, either. But at least this one doesn’t pretend to be anything other than fake, so it’s useful just for its sheer entertainment value. Even the real Steve reads it.

Anyway, today he prepared the Apple faithful for the coming media backlash.

Good reading for a Saturday. Maryam has us up early to go buy a BBQ and start on getting some of the baby stuff. Yowza. Oh, and how’s the baby doing? Well the little guy sure was kicking up a storm at 2:30 a.m. The doctors say he’s doing well and on target for our TechCrunch20 launch date (he’s due September 17th, which is the same date as the TechCrunch20 conference).

Sleepless nights ahead! Oh, like that’ll really be a big change. 😉

Mobile YouTube shows off cell phone app frustration

OK, I have a $750 Nokia N95. Certainly it would be able to play the new mobile YouTube videos. Nope. It tries to open the only player on my cell phone, which is a Real Networks one. And, of course, it gives me an error on loading the videos.

We’re a long way from getting mobile apps on cell phones that work. It’ll be interesting to test the iPhone on this site. I bet IT works cause Eric Schmidt has one in his pocket and can get the YouTube team to fix its issues.

Regarding iPhone. Turns out I’m going to be camping out in front of some store in San Francisco. Hopefully with a bunch of weirdo Apple freaks. That would make my son very happy. We’ll be reporting from wherever we end up. Anyone camping at a San Francisco store to get an iPhone?

The rise of the Facebook blogs

I’ve started to notice more and more Facebook blogs. My favorite so far is FaceReviews, which is going through the applications for Facebook and rating them.

Inside Facebook and All Facebook both do a good job of covering Facebook news.

I’ve subscribed to all three and keep a watch on which one does the best job long term. For now I’m most interested in trying things out, so that’s why I like FaceReviews the best.

Have you found any you like? Any Facebook developers who are showing how to build apps?