Why the Internet is silent & new Internet video app

If you read my link blog you’ll find out why the Internet is silent today (most music playing and Internet radio sites are taking the day off to protest far higher fees).

You’ll also find a variety of other interesting (or possibly not) things including links to my Steve Ballmer impression on the Jason Calacanis show tonight. Doing that freaked out Maryam and Patrick.

I should explain a little bit more about how Jason did his show. We were using a new Internet video app called Operator 11. What is it? Well, it’s like a videoconferencing application where multiple people can join in. You see a live chat between both participants and audience members. Anyone can be added into the conversation live. Jason was using it to produce his show. He could play clips, choose cameras, and choose which audience member gets to talk in the live show. You could watch it live, or later on like on Russell’s blog.

Sam Sethi on Twitter just told me there’s a competitor, called GlobalIPVideo, that is in alpha stage (Operator 11 crashed on us during the show, so these things are pretty brittle. Jason hinted that he was going to invest in Operator 11 to help them buy more servers and such).

Anyway, the video arena is just exploding. Tomorrow we’ll have up some videos of Jaman and Kyte that’ll show off other innovative video services.

This shows that live video streaming services veodia.com, Justin.tv, Ustream, and Blogtv.com are going to have competition and lots of it.