iPhoneMeme: where’s the family plan?

OK, back to TechMeme, er, I mean, iPhoneMeme. It’s all iPhone all week long. Deal with it John Dvorak. You should have taken that trip to Antarctica that you were thinking about. That might be the only place to avoid iPhoneHype this week.

But, I am interested in this. I have a family of three people. Two of whom are going to get a new cell phone. My son has been saving up his allowance money and doing extra work here and there to save up his $600. He already has a cell phone that I pay for. It’s already on AT&T. I have no idea if I’ll have to pay a cancellation fee for that or not when Patrick gets his iPhone.

Maryam is tired of her TMobile service. It doesn’t work in Half Moon Bay very well. AT&T works just great. I have a full set of bars inside the house here where her TMobile phone doesn’t even work at home. Very frustrating.

So, I read all the posts about iPhone service plans and I see nothing about any discounts for families who’ll have two or three iPhones running (I probably will end up getting an iPhone too if this thing even comes close to matching 1/10th the hype). This is gonna be one expensive thing to get for all three of us. The Apple press release says numbers can be moved over from existing AT&T accounts, though. That’s good, I wonder if there’ll be a fee to do that?

Anyway, see ya in line at the Palo Alto Apple store on Thursday sometime. Hopefully I can find a power outlet.