Another Twitter competitor — want an invite?

First came Twitter, then came Jaiku.

Now comes Pownce.

I’ve given away my invites, sorry.

Well, that’s not true. I have four left. (UPDATE: Now only one left, I’ll give that away in the morning).

I’m going to give them to the four people who write the best insult.

Not your usual kind of flame like “Scoble, you’re a dickhead.” My 13-year-old can flame better than that.

No, you need to have something worthy of Valleywag or Fake Steve to get my invites! Hell, you can even make something up!

Otherwise I’ll just hoarde them like the anti social person I’m becoming. Heheh.

Seriously, why do we care about this? It’s prettier than Twitter. It has more features than Twitter. And it was done by Kevin Rose of Digg fame (among a group of other cool kids).

But I’m getting tired of adding friends on all these social networks. I’m getting really anti social because of all of these things.